Story – Teaching your kid to drive

If you haven’t already been through it, teaching your kid to drive is quite an experience.

How quickly we all forget what it’s like to get behind the wheel for the first time and not know some of the basic things. All of those things come naturally to us now but do you remember having to learn how to turn the wipers on? Seems silly but it’s not something you pick up when you’re a kid getting rides to sporting events or other school related activities.

I also found myself saying things like “Yes, I agree. They should trim those trees back more away from the road but perhaps we could move closer to center line.” Or, “You’re doing great, but since you’re still only 16, I assume you’re not currently practicing for a postal job so could we move closer to the center line?”. And, when was the last time you can remember doing 35 in a 35 zone, or even 25 in a 25? Sure, when there is a police officer behind you, ok. But, wow, that’s sooo slow! I keep telling myself that it’s better to go too slow rather than too fast.

Although I must say, it’s really great to watch them beginning on their journey to independence. That driver’s license opens up a whole new world for them.