Adding heat to your basement

One of the biggest concerns that homeowners have when finishing their basement is whether to add heat or not. Basements can feel a bit chilly in the winter, but typically only before the work has been done. Your contractor will insulate all exterior walls, which will make it much more comfortable in the winter, as well as summer months.

Also, if you have an oil furnace, that will put off a great deal of heat during the winter months while it runs to heat the rest of the home. I recommend putting a wall vent where the furnace is boxed in during the finishing project. This way, any heat in that utility area will work its way into the finished space. If you do not have an oil furnace, there are a couple of other ways to go.

One would be to install electric baseboard heaters. I always recommend wiring for them and putting a blank plate on the electrical feed until you have gone through a winter so you know if you really need a heat source. Many people don’t like the look of the baseboard heaters so this is a great way to make sure you need them instead of installing just in case and hating the way they look.

Another option is to run a separate heating/cooling zone off your system. This can be quite costly and in my opinion, unnecessary. If you really want to add a heat source to your basement, I recommend putting in either an electric or propane fireplace. It not only looks nice, but is also functional for taking the chill out of the air in the cold months. The choice is yours, now that you have more options!

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