Annual Fishing Trip!

I really had the best time on our annual fishing trip with my crew!  

What a blast!

My team works hard all year long and I love trips like this. You're only as good as the people who work for you, and I couldn't be more grateful for everything that they do. They really are awesome!

Took the crew out on a charter boat and set sail for the race to go for blues and bass. Headed out around 8am which was perfect. On our way out, we spotted a submarine heading to port. That is an amazing site. Once we reached the first destination, they set out rigs with 4 hooks and then trolled for a while to see what we could catch. All the guys went first, two at a time. Everyone caught a fish so it was going great.

Then it was my turn.

I sat there waiting to get a fish on the line and was rewarded after a short amount of time. To be honest, I was stunned by how hard it was to reel it in! The guys started giving me a hard time saying they could take over if it was too much for me. Well, the testosterone kicked in and I was determined to bring that fish in by myself. I kept reeling, which literally felt like 20 minutes. I was finally able to get the fish to the boat. All that struggling and the guys giving me a hard time was quickly turned in to sweet revenge. Not only did I bring one fish in, I also brought another one in at the same time! 2 fish on the line! Everyone else only caught one fish. They seemed stunned and I told them that the boss always has to be one step ahead of the crew! Full disclosure, I did end up getting bruises on my arm from reeling it in. Can’t wait to go again next year!


A special thank you to Captain Andy of Carolyn Ann Sportfishing for making the trip possible.