Can A Basement Be Beautiful? YES

This was a great project to be a part of.  Remember what it looked like when we started?

When I met with the customer, he had some general ideas of what he wanted, which was extremely helpful. The challenge in front of us were the numerous lally columns in the space. We did not want to block off the space but find a way to keep it open, while masking those support columns.

Before Photo - Original basement space when we started framing

 After Photo - Finished basement space with new half walls and columns

After Photo - Finished basement space with new half walls and columns

As we talked more, it became clear that he was looking for a space for a projector for a home theater. This made it really easy because we were able to create half walls with columns. This not only dressed up the space but gave it some separation while maintaining the open feel. Now he has walls for furniture.

Unfortunately, the HVAC duct work was run poorly, with no thought that someone wanting to finish the space down the road. Luckily, the foundation walls were 9’ instead of 8’, so we had some room to play with. We added a small built-in to help with storage space as it would have been dead space by the electrical closet.

Now the customer has a great space to watch movies with their kids and a bathroom at ground level for when they are using the pool. 

View the video below or view more photos to see the finished space!