Growing up in Sports

Back when I was a kid, my first introduction to sports was ice hockey. Once I figured out how to skate, it became something I wanted to do all the time. The biggest drawback as I clearly remember was how early you had to get up on weekends due to available ice time. Waking up at 4am to be at the rink by 5am was not unusual. But the thrill of chasing a puck into the boards, mixing it up and getting the puck out to a teammate in front of the goal was simply awesome.

Colin Shaw - Hockey

On the other hand, my not so happy sports memory as a kid was when I played one season of Little League. Wow, that was not good. I was horrible. Struck out every time. But at my last game of the season, I hit the ball! I ran to first, rounded second (the other player overthrew the ball so I kept running), headed for third and was waived in by the third base coach. I actually made it home completely on errors! Although the season was a train wreck up until the last game, I got my free home run sundae after the game and decide that I should quit while I was ahead!