Making the most of a problem

Problem or an opportunity to be creative?

On a recent job we were doing, we ran into a “problem” with the tile for a master bathroom shower. The original order was delivered and the guys started the install. Unfortunately, we ran short. Customer extended the size of the shower so we needed to order more tile. This is typically never a “problem”. However, as luck (or something else) would have it, the dye lot was no longer available. You always want to stay in the same dye lot for tile as they can vary in hue between the different lots. And yes, this time was no different.

The second order of tiles came in and there was a significant difference in the two tiles. After finding another dye lot available for the same tile, we ordered that in hopes it would be closer. Nope! So, now what can we do?

A few different options were available. One, take everything down that was already done and start over with a different dye lot. Not the preferred option. Another was to take down some of the other tile, install a border and then do the different color above so it looked like a pre-determined design. Neither option was good with the homeowner so we needed to come up with something else. 

Like I said, time to get creative. We decided to cut the wall from where we ran out of tile to the ceiling, install a cap on the new partial wall and extend the glass panel. We accomplished two things by doing this. One was we no longer needed to worry about matching the tiles and two, we added more natural light to the shower. With remodeling projects, things come up. How you handle them is what will separate you from other remodeling companies.