Master Bathroom Showers

The big trend right now in the Home Improvement industry is remodeling the master bathroom.

Many dated bathrooms out there looking for a face lift. Finding the right contractor to do the job is very important.

Master bathroom showers are one of the two most important rooms in your home for re-sale, with kitchens being number one.

Once you find the right contractor, spend some time on many of the great resources on-line to see different styles that are out there. I highly recommend Houzz. If your contractor is affiliated with them, you can find things you like, create an idea book and share with him/her. You can add comments about each photo letting your contractor know what you like in those pictures and what you don’t. This will help not only in the estimating portion of the project but also the finished work.

Do it once and get it right.

Master bathrooms are not cheap to tackle. A lot comes down to features, tile and fixtures. It is important to have your contractor help you with a budget for the materials. Having done many bathrooms, I am able to give my customers a working number for all items they want to include in their project. So when my customers visit my suppliers, they have a price in mind when they look through the various options in that range. Obviously that number can go up or down, based on what they select. But they know that going in.

Although it’s a lot of work to plan and select the materials, it is worth it when you have your brand new bathroom to enjoy!


Bathroom shower fixtures - Shaw Remodeling
Bathroom Remodel Waterford - After 5.jpg
Bathroom Remodel Shaw Remodeling Essex CT.jpg