One for the contractors

Contractors, when you go out on an estimate, be sure to get as much detail as you can. Find out what level of materials they are looking for so you can price the project accordingly. The more you can get from the customer the better.

After you have all of the information, get to know the customer a little better before leaving. I will ask potential customers if they have done major projects in the past. It is good to know if you are dealing with a first time remodeling project for them. This gives you a chance to let them know what to expect so they are not surprised during the process. If they have gone through a major renovation in the past, find out how it went. Did they like working with the contractor? If not, why? Make sure you can provide for them what they did not get with another contractor. I find it helpful to learn as much as you can from your potential customer so you can be sure it is a good fit for both of you.